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Check out what my clients are saying

"Without a health coach, I don't think I would have been able to move as quickly as I have...I did not know, even as a nurse, how to manage these symptoms...but now I have the information and support needed to move forward. I felt pretty isolated and discouraged before."

— Diana, USA

"When I reached out to Ioana, I was struggling with my mental health and with doing day-to-day things that help us feel better in our bodies. After working with Ioana, I have developed a really good structure of my day where now all of the things that I feel make my body work better and give me more energy, they have their place in the day. And that has set me up really well for the future...I wouldn't have made all of the progress that I made without Ioana...She is just a really positive, beautiful person that is very helpful."

— Zaharia, Germany

Geetika - testimonial - 2023.jpeg

— Geetika, USA

"I must say, it was such a joyful experience. She was there for me in the ups and downs... She helped me to build a plan...and I took actions that I wasn't ready for before working with Ioana."


— Tugce, Portugal

"Ioana helped me find a new perspective...I was able to look ahead 5 years and see a better version of myself... Ioana really helped me to break my goal up into achievable steps. Her support and accountability was so helpful... She is an absolute joy to work with. I would highly recommend working with her."

— Alexandria, Canada

"I had contracted Covid in March and was in and out of hospital with symptoms such as tight chest, shortness of breath, and at times feeling like I was collapsing. Once I have started health coaching with Ioana, it taught me about symptoms and tools that helped me a lot. It was very scary not knowing what was happening to your body. Now, I am feeling a lot more confident, a lot more clearer about my future, and just more grateful. I am at point where I am no longer bed ridden. I am up and about a bit more, going for drives and family meals with my family. I thought I would never be able to do these things again because I did not know what was happening. Working with Ioana has been an awakening for me."

— Rita, Australia

"When I reached out to Ioana, I was having lots of different symptoms. And now, I made quite significant improvements where I am now feeling that I am regaining who I used to be and feeling positive, excited, more energetic, and more present. Also, I feel like I am enjoying life more."

— Rebecca, Australia

"You helped me find a strategy that's making my life work better, so I just wanted to say it's going well, and I look forward to our continued work, and thank you."  

— Paul, USA


— Ben, UK


— Nancy, USA

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