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You're driven, intelligent, and with lots of hopes and dreams for the future. But now, you feel like you've been left behind.

It feels like the medical profession is not able to do much to help you. You go to your doctor and you might be getting told that all your test results are fine, but in your gut, you know that something is off.


Your friends and family have a difficult time understanding what's going on, as every day differs and the symptoms are so diverse.


You feel like your world is getting smaller and smaller, with it being even harder to go to the grocery store.


Here's what I also know. No matter where on your journey you currently are, it is totally possible to live a life full of beauty and energy not dominated by your illness. Having the right person to support you in navigating the chronic illness labyrinth can make all the difference.


What we do together

We tackle not only the physical symptoms but also the emotional challenges that come with these conditions.


My coaching plan is specifically designed for those with autonomic dysfunction, but it's 100% customizable for you. We look at where you want to be and together we come up with a customized plan on how to get there.


We first focus on making daily adjustments that can help you cope in the day-to-day. With these new habits in place, you will feel your energy increasing so that you can do more daily.


We then dive in a bit deeper, looking at what nutrients are missing and the connection between the gut, energy, and your symptoms.


When you feel ready to push the envelope further, we set our sights on movement, so that you can go out and conquer the world. Even if the first step in conquering the world might mean a successful trip to the grocery store.


If you're working with your doctor or other medical practitioners, I can also liaise with them as all of my techniques work alongside those of your doctor.

Who I am and what I do


My training consists of the years of research and experimentation I did on my own healing journey, as well as the formal training I have undertaken.

I graduated as a health coach from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, learning about coaching psychology, functional medicine and nutrition, mind-body medicine, and positive psychology.

After graduating, gaining more real-world coaching experience, and studying, I sat for the board exam and became a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach.


I am also certified in the clinical use of biofeedback through HeartMath. Biofeedback is an evidence-based, mind-body technique for stress management and self-regulation. Working with HeartMath techniques helps retrain your nervous system by guiding it more in the direction of rest and digest, rather than fight or flight.

Who I work with

I work with those with POTS and Long Covid, whether they have been officially diagnosed or not. Their main complaints are crippling fatigue, palpitations, dizziness, temperature regulation problems, etc. The list stretches on and on. They oftentimes have other diagnoses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, migraines, SIBO, IBS, autoimmune disease, Ehler-Danlos, mast cell activation disorders, etc. The main link is that there is a degree of autonomic dysfunction.


These people sense that something is not right in their body, but they feel overwhelmed with all the information that is out there. They've tried various things, like keeping a schedule of their activities, or going gluten-free, or doing meditation, or starting the Levine Protocol. But they often feel that their energy crashes keep them from forming consistent habits. With the limited energy they do have, they also find it difficult to expend energy on something they are not sure will work.

"When I reached out to Ioana, I was having lots of different symptoms. And now, I made quite significant improvements where I am now feeling that I am regaining who I used to be and feeling positive, excited, more energetic, and more present. Also, I feel like I am enjoying life more."

— Rebecca, Australia

My story

I experienced chronic symptoms that got worse with each passing year and left me feeling physically and emotionally drained. For the first few years, I was told the symptoms were "just stress and anxiety" and that it would pass.

As time went on and the symptoms continued worsening, I was finally diagnosed. I was diagnosed with conditions ranging from POTS and EDS to gastroparesis and SIBO, among others.

Medication helped mask some of the symptoms, but the side effects left me feeling even more exhausted. I felt overwhelmed and stuck, and the medications felt like putting just a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.

I believed that there had to be a more comprehensive way to look at my symptoms instead of managing them one by one. I wanted my independent, productive life back.
It's taken time, and many baby steps, but after all that frustration and confusion, I was able to start taking back control of my life. I started researching the autonomic nervous system, the gut, and the interconnectedness of the human body, and experimented with various modalities. After starting and failing many times, I reached out for help, and started becoming more consistent. With that consistency, I finally started seeing results.
Through this, I learned that healing is possible. Did I fully get rid of all symptoms? Of course not. But now they occur maybe a few times a year instead of a few times a day. Although I still have POTS (& Co), it no longer controls my life. 
This inspired me so much that I went back to school to study to be a health coach. So that others would not have to do this alone. I know that transforming your health is within reach for you as well!
Are you ready to regain your energy and get back to living the life you dream of?

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