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You're ready to enjoy days with more energy… without worrying about "paying" for the consequences tomorrow.


You're ready to get out there and start making plans for the future again.

After all, you have many dreams, goals, and ambitions within you.

You don't want to just settle. You want to thrive. You know there's that little voice inside of you that is still dreaming of all the things out there that are possible for you.

You're ready. But you just don't know where to start.

You're waiting for the perfect answer to come to you… but it's sure taking its sweet time!

All of this becomes easier with the right support by your side. With a coach by your side, we walk together step by step.

I have a roadmap with me, but when we work together, I give you the map, let you mark all over it, and make it your own journey. I then hold the map for you as we go on this journey together. Throughout our time together, I help you break the journey up into small baby steps.

My coaching program will help you:

  • feel secure in your health, instead of always wondering what the next day will bring

  • look forward to the future with excitement and hope

  • oversee your spoons and pacing better so that you can enjoy more of life

  • be kinder to yourself as you nurture your inner strength

  • trust your body and self so that you can feel connected, instead of guilty and like you're at war

  • live with fewer rules, and more ease and freedom in your life

  • enjoy your relationships with family and friends

  • take part in day-to-day activities that others take for granted, like grocery shopping and doing laundry

We'll focus on:

image 5.jpg
  • Optimizing your days so that you get more done with less energy spent

  • Eating habits that honor your body and fit your lifestyle

  • Pacing strategies that work

  • Re-balancing the autonomic nervous system

  • Incorporating real rest and calm in your days

  • Movement routine that does not cause flare-ups

  • Nervous system hacks

  • Communicating with family and friends

  • Biofeedback training

  • Setting your sights towards recovery

During our time together, we'll cut through the noise and focus on the fundamental building blocks of your health. We strip everything down and go back to basics. Without these essential pieces in place, you won't get the consistent results you dream of. (I'm sorry, but it's true!)

I can also make recommendations on new (conventional or holistic) treatments you can try, as well as on various tests that you can take to get to the root cause.

Remember, all of this is possible for you too. Let's make it happen!

"My learning is how to make life work for me, how to make things work for myself. It sounds so basic when I say it, yet it's something I'm still learning. Strategies. That's the word that comes to mind. You helped me find a strategy that's making my life work better, so I just wanted to say it's going well, and I look forward to our continued work, and thank you."

— Paul, USA

I have to be honest… just knowing isn't enough.

As awareness grows about POTS, Long Covid, dysautonomia, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. there have been more and more webinars, books, and Facebook groups that have popped up. There's now more and more places to get information from. But do you feel like you're on your way to recovery after reading one of many new research papers? I think not.


What I've seen is holding many people back is that while there is so much information out there, there's also a lot of uncertainty. 


"Will this work? I only have this much energy, what if I pour all of my energy into this and it doesn’t work?" 


"I've already had to give up on so many things, don't ask me to give up eating gluten or to do other restrictive things."


Believe me, I get it. I've been there. Back when I started my healing journey, I started many new habits. I would sometimes go all in, and then crash. Then I would have to recover, and by then, I would lose all interest since I didn't see results. 


When I found out about the connection between the gut and the mind, I remember being excited but scared. The only thing that boosted my energy and gave me joy was my chocolates. Would giving them up really make a difference?


In our work together, you will not have to go through what I did, as we focus on taking small but consistent steps. And all the steps are individualized to you! So you no longer have to feel overwhelmed with what might work, what might not work, etc. We also don't focus on removing "bad" things, but instead, focus on just adding in more good things!

  • Re-establishing a connection with your body

  • Recovering hope

  • Getting rid of the guilt

  • Trusting your body once again

  • Regaining confidence in tomorrow

  • Celebrating your victories

  • Staying accountable for all that you have planned for yourself

This is exactly why we don't just focus on the physical lifestyle modifications listed above, but also on these very important points that are needed to succeed. We focus on:

  • Re-establishing a connection with your body

  • Recovering hope

  • Getting rid of the guilt

  • Trusting your body once again

  • Regaining confidence in tomorrow

  • Celebrating your victories

  • Staying accountable for all that you have planned for yourself


Has reading any of this piqued your interest? If so, start with a FREE no-obligation strategy session!

During this powerful 30-minute session, we will:

  • Draw a clear picture of where you are at now, and where you would like to be

  • Connect the dots between where you are now and where you want to be

  • Create a simple, clear plan that will get you from point A to point B

  • Discover how working together can help you reach your health goals


People have said that they've come away from these calls with actionable steps they can put in place right away and more clarity.

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