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5 POTS Symptoms That Disappeared in the Past Year After Discontinuing Beta Blockers.

Symptoms that went away in the last year.

One of the things I hear on a daily basis from clients is…

“I can see the changes, and I know I'm getting there, but why isn’t it happening now? Can’t the healing process speed up?”

But just because it’s “slow” does not mean it's not happening.

Up until a year ago I still had some mild symptoms. I'd gotten used to them, and they didn’t interrupt my day-to-day life too much. I had accepted them as they were nothing compared to how I used to feel before.

But my body continued changing… (see the carousel below for more details).

If you, too, would like to put a plan in place to find relief from these symptoms, make sure to book a strategy session with me.

Strategy calls are free 30-minute calls where we discuss a strategy for you to reduce your symptoms. We'll talk about where you're currently at and make a plan to help you move forward.


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