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A Personal Health Update

I was on beta-blockers for 5 years.

When I went on them, my heart rate would be at 170 just waiting in line for the elevator.

After incorporating some of the same changes I work on with my clients, my heart rate was no longer elevated, and my fatigue had drastically decreased. The mast cell problems were gone. The painful muscle spasms had decreased and so on.

So, I SLOWLY went off beta-blockers. I tapered off for a year. I was on a high dose, so I wanted to be as safe as possible when coming off.

Coming off has been great. I'm able to push my body and do high-intensity interval training again. I'm able to think more clearly. I have more energy. I feel I can breathe better. I can take longer walks. It’s amazing.

But right when I tapered the last few milligrams off, a symptom came up that I’d never encountered before.


They're there all the time. It's not accompanied by any other symptoms (fast heart rate, anxiety, etc.).

With my clients, we often speak of the lengthy journey of wellness and how it’s never simple from A to B. It goes to show how many ups and downs there are with health. It’s never straightforward.

My first thoughts were that it will pass. Then months went by, and it didn’t change and I panicked.

Is this damage because of the beta-blockers?

Is this a sign of something worse? I do have a gene mutation (and family history) for early-onset Parkinson’s. Could it be that?

Was I hiding the tremor all these years because of the beta-blockers? I had copper toxicity in one of my past labs. Is it from that?

I read some research papers to come up with some hypotheses.

I tracked my symptoms to have clear bullet points to bring with me to the doctor.

And then I sat with those difficult feelings, fear, and all the uncertainty. The panic slowly went away, although not entirely.

I made an appointment with my doctor who ran some blood work. All came back clean, as usual.

Then I was referred for an MRI. And that’s all I can do for now and just wait the few months needed for the appointment. It goes to show that surprises are always in store.

Have you had any recent health surprises? How did you handle them? Let me know in the comments below.


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