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Acing New Year's Resolutions With a Chronic Illness

Updated: May 30, 2022

A lot of us make them and then give up by February.

But for those with chronic illness, making resolutions adds an extra layer of pressure.

Chronic illness is unpredictable, which is why setting realistic goals are so important.

You know best what your body needs of you this year, but here's a list for some inspiration:

  • Adjust your pace

Make pacing a priority to be incorporated on all days, not just when you're feeling poorly.

Give yourself self-compassion

Treat your body, mind, and soul with respect it deserves. Be kind to yourself just as you would be to a loved one.

  • Reach out for help

Don't be afraid to ask for help. When people offer help, say yes.

  • Say "no"

Say "no" to things and people that will drain you. Don't feel guilty for setting up these boundaries.

  • Celebrate

Celebrate every moment, and every victory, be it big or small.

  • Try a new treatment

I don't necessarily mean to try a new medication (although that's fine too). I mean, try something that speaks to you, like painting, writing, reading more, acupuncture, Ayurveda, TCM, meditation, biofeedback, etc.

If you're looking for support in making sure these goals stick, reach out today.

As a health coach, I act as a change agent and have been trained in human behavior and motivation. I've also been where you're at, so I get it.

If you're looking for support in making sure these goals stick, click here to set up a strategy session.


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