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Cultivating Hope with POTS

Think of the biggest changes you’ve recently made in your life.

Perhaps you decided to see a new doctor, try a new treatment, or sign up for a call with me.

What was behind the change?

Somewhere there, there was hope. There was hope that things would improve. Usually, these big moments of action, these big aha moments, are preceded by hope.

Somewhere deep inside, you made the intentional choice to show up differently. To show up yourself, to believe in a future that’s brighter and healthier.

I’m always amazed by how much change happens once people courageously step out and say, “Enough is enough. I’m trying a new path.”

I’ve seen my clients put brave new boundaries in place, pick up multiple new habits, eliminate foods that were not that great for them, etc., all because one day, they decided that enough was enough.

It gives you fuel for the future. It gives you fuel to try out whatever protocol you’re trying. But instead of doing it halfheartedly, you’re now able to fully dedicate yourself to it.

Hope is this really fragile thing, perfectly in the middle between hopelessness (things will never get better) and delusion (I’ll be fully cured by next month).

So how can you get more of this fuel?

  • It’s much easier to cultivate hope when you’re not in the middle of a flare-up.

  • First, recognize where you’re at. Are you feeling hopeless? Are you having unrealistic hopes?

  • Hope can be cultivated by being amongst loved ones who are feeling positive about your health journey and who positively encourage you.

  • Hope can also be cultivated by things that bring you joy. Is it nature or music?

  • Practice gratitude. What’s going well right now?

  • Envision realistic ways that your situation could improve.

It takes a lot of courage to hope. With hope, there is always the potential for disappointment. Perhaps this new protocol won’t work.

Through hope, you acknowledge that disappointment is a possibility. But even if it happens, you’re able to cope. You’re able to get up, reorganize yourself, and slowly build up hope again.

How do you cultivate hope, and how has it helped you? Let me know in the comments.


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