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How Can It Be So Simple?

One question that comes up in the third or fourth session with clients is: “But how can it be so easy?”

By that point, they’ve seen positive changes, but that little voice of doubt comes up and says: “But it must be more complicated than this.”

Why do we, as humans, tend to make things so complicated for ourselves?

In psychology, this actually has a name. It’s called “the complexity bias.” It’s a cognitive error that describes our tendency to prefer the complicated solution over the simple one.

Like Confucius said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

This applies to health choices as well. We tend to not trust the easy options, and we look for more complicated and complex ways to solve our problems. 🛰️

By ignoring the easy path in front of us, we often overcomplicate our life in search of instant gratification.

Maybe there’s a complex protocol that I need to follow or a specific blend of supplements that I need to take.

Or maybe more testing will reveal what the exact problem is and how I can easily fix it. Don’t get me wrong, these all have their own time and place.

But why is it that we tend to go in that more difficult direction first?

In working with clients, one of the first steps we take is look at is how to strip down the non-essentials and get back to basics.

There are specific tools that I’ve seen that work, and I recommend those, but the “protocol” is easy.

So how do you simplify things in your own life?

🎯Always ask yourself, “How can I simplify my life? How can I simplify this situation? What choices do I need to make in order to get there?”

🎯 Look to role models who are where you want to be. Try to map out their steps. What main actions did they take to get to where they wanted to be? And how can you implement more of those?

🎯 Get someone else’s opinion. Other impartial third-party witnesses can often see things much more clearly. So ask someone you trust what their opinion is.

If you’re looking for an impartial third party and someone to help you simplify everything, join my waitlist today to be notified of upcoming open coaching slots.

P.S. In the pic, I am enjoying a walk on a sunny day


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