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How to Keep Cool with POTS?

Do you feel like most of your symptoms are worse during the summer?

You’re not alone.

Temperature is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. And those with dysautonomia have a faulty autonomic nervous system, which means that temperature is not regulated properly.

So, while most other people might think it’s just hot, for you it can almost be unbearable because of your body’s inability to regulate itself.

Heat also causes the blood vessels to widen, which makes the heart rate speed up to compensate for it.

Symptoms vary for everyone. As for me, I used to get really strong chest pains that radiated down the left side of my body. I had painful muscle cramps, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and sweating. And my face would get really red.

And don’t think of heat just as heat. It’s also humidity. When I was in Florida, it was okay by the ocean, but as I went inland, I couldn’t breathe.

What can help? 🤔 Scroll down to see tips in the carousel.


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