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Making Progress With POTS

“Wait, can we stop again?”

This was a picture of me in 2012.

I was doing this charity event where the challenge was to be active from dusk until dawn. It didn’t matter how as long as you were active.

So, we went by the lakefront with our bikes and were intending to casually bike, walk, and swim. I stopped every 5 minutes because I needed to get in the water to cool off (hence the wet clothes in the picture).

I didn’t think anything of it then, but now I realize that my symptoms were starting to get worse, although I was brushing them off. By 2015, biking was fully out of the question as was walking outside without massive chest pains and heart rates in the 140s.

Fast forward to 2022. I recently traveled to another city on a day when temperatures were at record levels. The hottest they’ve been in decades. I didn’t think anything of it. I was upright, I had no palpitations, no chest pain, no feeling like I was going to pass out, no nausea, no vomiting. I had a mild headache… but then again temperatures were in the 100s, and I wasn’t drinking enough water…

Only when I got home and I saw this throwback photo from 10 years ago did I realize how much progress I had made. I notice this all the time with my clients, and it’s something that happens with me as well.

When we’re unwell, we might not realize just how unwell we are. We might minimize it or pretend that we’re much better than we actually are. And the same thing happens when we start feeling better.

We quickly adjust to our new baseline without realizing how far we’ve come.

So today, I want you to take a moment and think back to how you were doing and coping when your symptoms started up.

What has changed since then?

What’s easier for you to do now?

What do you have a better handle on?

Maybe you know how to cool down better or can stop your palpitations faster.

Celebrate with me. Let me know in the comments what positive improvements you’ve noticed.


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