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My Furry Best Friend

Day 10 of #DysautonomiaAwarenessMonth - Furry Friends

This is my furry best friend. 🥰🥰

Cleopatra, Cleo for short. Formerly known as Leopold.

Cleo came to live with us six years ago, and since 80% of orange tabbies are male, we were told Cleo was a boy.

So we named her Leopold, from a TV show we were watching at the time.

When we took her to the vet a few months later, we were told Cleo had a heart murmur.

Perhaps that's why we got along so great, as it was during that same time that I was also getting all sorts of cardiac tests done. This was before my POTS diagnosis.

It was also that day we found out Cleo was actually a girl. So, we added the C to her name from Leo to Cleo.

And that’s a bit of Cleopatra's story.

In these six years, she's been a world traveler alongside us, having 3 cat passports, and even going on a beach vacation with us to Greece.

How about you? Who's your furry friend?


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