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POTS & Vitamin Deficiencies

Updated: May 31, 2022

Many vitamin deficiencies can mimic symptoms of POTS and CFS/ME. This may leave you with questions: “Is my condition getting worse? Is it a vitamin deficiency? What came first?”

As more research is coming out about vitamin deficiencies and the correlations with POTS and CFS/ME, I thought I would list a few more common vitamin deficiencies.

On a personal note, I was deficient in all of those, and supplementing has greatly helped my energy levels.

Those with gastroparesis, SIBO, or other gastrointestinal problems may not be able to absorb these supplements as easily.

Please discuss the use of any supplements with your physician. You might be supplementing with something that you already have too much of.

What vitamin deficiencies do you have? Are you taking any supplements already? I'd love to hear your biggest takeaway down in the comments below.


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