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Rebounding From a Flare-Up

I started and stopped the Levine Protocol so many times I lost track.

My sleep routine would go out the door. All the pacing activities that I would previously do were forgotten. The vagus exercises, as well. I craved mostly carbs and sweets, and vegetables grossed me out.

I would get frustrated that there was no consistency, although I understood that consistency was key.

It was only when I stopped fighting against the flare-ups that things improved.

I realized that for now, this is how things were. I stayed with the uncomfortable feelings.

I knew that this was just a pause. I had hit “pause” but not “stop.”

For a few days, I gave myself the grace to nap instead of snacking for a boost in energy. Instead of trying to stay awake and lying in bed watching tv or scrolling through social media, I laid with my eyes closed or napped.

Just realizing that this was nothing more than a speed bump and that I was going to get back to my routines and habits helped. It wasn’t an “all-or-nothing” situation.

With less guilt and less shaming, I was able to slowly get back.

For movement, I would do yoga or light Pilates since I was still quite fatigued, and then I’d slowly build back up again.

I noticed that once the initial fatigue wore off, I still had more stamina than before. I wasn’t at step zero. I had just pressed “pause.”

What helps you cope the most when having a flare-up?


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