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Reducing Toxic Load for POTS

POTS can be caused by all sorts of different factors.

Although most doctors might not check too thoroughly for toxicity, I’ve had quite a few clients with high toxicity levels.

Generally, the body should be able to filter out toxins and remove them, but when your body is affected by other health problems, the body’s ability to detoxify can be impaired.

It can only focus on so much at one time, and as a result, it's not filtering out the toxins fast enough.

This buildup of toxins can cause additional symptoms, like fatigue, dizziness, migraines, food sensitivities, pain, depression, etc.

Every day, we are surrounded by thousands of chemicals, most of which have not been tested. The good news is that we do have some control over this.

We can look at what we are eating, what we are drinking, what we are putting on our bodies, and the air we are breathing.

In the carousel below, you will find a few tips for some tweaks you can make to decrease your toxic burden.

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