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The Chronic Illness Answers That We Need to Hear

What’s the one nervous system regulation practice or the diet that’s best for me? Or the best pacing technique? What should I do next?

These are all questions that I hear quite frequently.

In the beginning, I think clients get a bit frustrated when I don’t give them direct answers to these questions. I’ll instead offer options and ask them questions about what makes sense for them.

I think oftentimes we believe that someone else has a better answer than we do. We’re used to doctors telling us exactly what medications to take, teachers telling us exactly what we need to study, bosses telling us exactly what project we need to work on and how to do it, etc.

We’re used to giving away our power.

And over time, we’ve stopped trusting ourselves and our bodies. And we’ve stopped listening to our inner guidance.

So even though I’ve seen many cases of POTS and Long Covid, every person differed in what worked best for them. And the decision that I or anyone else will make on your behalf will just be an opinion based on our own experiences.

But your lived experience and you knowing your own body is probably a lot more powerful than my book knowledge and seeing you only at that moment.

Please remember that. If you’re thinking about trying a new kind of treatment, dig deep and reflect:

  • Why do I want this?

  • How do I think this can help me?

And then just try it. You’ve got nothing to lose, and it’s the only way you’ll really know if it works.

My program helps you narrow down your choices. I have a roadmap that helps you gain clarity while also giving you the freedom to figure out what your body needs most.

If you’re interested in finding out more, click the link in my bio to schedule a free call.


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