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The Connection Between Mold & POTS?

Maybe your POTS symptoms started shortly after you moved into a new apartment or building.

You might have noticed that you slowly became more fatigued or weak and had more headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.

Mold is a pretty difficult trigger to avoid, as studies show that half of the residential homes have mold. Although not everyone is equally susceptible to mold, some are more susceptible than others. That’s why you might live with someone who might not have any symptoms while you do.

One of the hypotheses behind ME/CFS and POTS is mold and how it can affect the autonomic nervous system.

I’ve now worked with a few clients who noticed an improvement in symptoms after they moved out of their moldy homes. So it’s gotten me more interested in the topic.

It’s also fascinating to see how much lifestyle changes can make a difference. They help with improving detoxification and retraining the nervous system, which over time makes an impact.

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