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The Role of Sacrifice in Healing With Chronic Illness

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

"So when can I go back to my normal diet?"

This is something I hear very often.

Perhaps you're now incorporating healthier foods, and you've noticed the difference in your energy levels.

Or, perhaps, you've found a trigger in your diet and have eliminated it.

But now, you may be starting to wonder… "What's next? When can I go back to normal?"

"It's expensive, it takes up time, and I am craving the comfort foods and behaviors I used to have...Ugh!"

It's normal for this to happen. We feel comfortable at our baseline, and these changes put us outside of our comfort zone.

But one common thread that I've noticed with clients who've managed to create a lasting change is that they've let go of something that no longer served them.

Some people have let go of a toxic relationship. Others let go of toxic foods, toxic behaviors, or even toxic jobs.

They put in more boundaries. They made difficult choices about spending time, money, and energy.

The truth is that what you want will remain unattainable if you are not willing to make any sacrifices.

What is sacrifice? It simply means prioritization. It means creating space for something bigger.

The journey ahead may not be easy. But it gets a bit easier when you keep in mind the bigger vision.

What have you let go of or changed, and how has it helped you? Let me know in the comments below.


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