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Who Inspires Me?

Day 9 of #DysautonomiaAwarenessMonth - Who Inspires Me?

Two years ago was the first time I participated in the October Dysautonomia Awareness challenge.

Before that, I only posted on social media once every few years but never about POTS.

But when I started posting on social media about POTS, I discovered a whole community out there and was inspired by everyone's strength, kindness, and resilience.

Then, when I started health coaching other people with POTS, I continued to be amazed.

Amazed at the brave choices people made in their lives.

How they....

  • Had the courage to persevere despite their symptoms

  • Had the courage to radically change their lifestyles

  • Had the courage to believe that things would get better

  • Had the courage to say no to draining people and activities

  • Had the courage to put themselves, their health, and recovery first

  • Had the courage to drastically change their diets

  • Had the courage to rest intentionally when others around them kept going

  • Had the courage to hope for a better day

In spite of symptoms like this, they were still drastically changing their lives, their relationships, their jobs, etc. They had the courage to hope for a better day, and make tough choices daily in order to improve their symptoms, all while being incredibly kind.

So, in other words, I’m inspired by you all. By your strength, courage, kindness, and perseverance.


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