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Tips on Managing Flare-ups

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Let’s talk #flareups.

When you’re starting to feel better one of the most frustrating things that can happen is for a flare-up to come along and change all of that.

You might finally be starting to feel like you’re in control of your health like you’re getting better.

And then a flare-up kicks in.

And then you’re in doubt. Did this even work? What’s the point of it all? I tried. It was hard, and it was not worth it!

This is one of the biggest blockers to client success that I’ve seen. People will come in motivated, and then they’ll have a flare-up and will be left wondering if they should continue.

Shouldn’t they no longer be having flare-ups?

What I’ve often seen is that health does improve but flare-ups will continue to happen, but over time the flare-ups do diminish in intensity and frequency.

The annoying thing about flare-ups is that they can crush any healthy #habits you’ve set for yourself. Your sleep gets disrupted, you move less, etc., and then you’re in a vicious cycle again.

So how do we deal with them?

It might be helpful to have a list of non-negotiables. So that if you’re having a flare-up, what will you do?

My list looks something like this:

  • Kindness above everything. What tasks can I get rid of or push into the next day or week? What are the top one or two things that have to get done today? And how can I modify or change this?

  • Healthy eating. Comfort eating is all I want to do, but that’s where frozen meals come in handy. Take a frozen bag of veggies, and warm it up on the skillet, and voila, it’s food.

  • Movement. Can I do 5 minutes of stretches today?

And if those last 2 are not done today, then that’s fine. What matters above all is that just like previous flare-ups have come and gone, this will too. It will pass.

So the worst thing I can do is push myself, criticize myself, etc.

It will only deplete me further and will not make me want to nourish my body in the appropriate ways.

As soon as I am a bit better, I will incorporate more and more healthy things again. But for now, rest.

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